Buxfer is a great website you can use to create a budget.  It allows you to sync all of your accounts, such as bank accounts, credit cards, investments, etc., to get an overall look at your finances.  It also allows you to create and assign each transaction to a category, enabling you to track them throughout the month.  This makes it easy to know just how much you’re spending per month on different categories, such as eating out or groceries.

They have a free version and two premium versions, though I recommend trying the free first.  It only allows you to budget for five different categories, but it’s still useful enough to give you a sample of how it works.  They do offer a pro-rated return if you cancel within the year (as it’s billed yearly) which would allow you to try the premium for just a few dollars a month.

If you make most of your purchases in life using a credit card, I recommend creating a budget and then using one card to purchase everything.  Outside of rent and a car payment – neither of which I recommend putting on a card – if you put everything on one card, it allows you to keep better track of your overall spending (providing you don’t go nutso while using your card).





This seems to be the holy grail of personal finance applications, and it’s easy to see why; it hosts a wide range of typical features such as budgeting, tracking savings and investments, etc.  But it trounces every other personal finance app out there by including some outstanding features such as investment checkups, a retirement planner and forecaster – you can even get personal advice from a top financial adviser for a small fee (currently under 1%).  I use it to check my accounts and watch my net worth every single day.

Use this link to sign up and we’ll both get $20.00.







This place has every guide, cheat code or videogame hack imaginable, all in one place, for every game that has ever existed.  To say it’s exhaustive is underwhelming.  I’ve been visiting this place for over a decade for the game guides and codes it provides.  The forums can be fun, but are pretty toxic, with stupid political rants being posted all the time, and many trolls lurk there.  You can still get access to some great news on the forums, sometimes before other places, but I don’t recommend spending a substantial amount of time here in one sitting.


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