Hi!  Thanks so much for stopping by!

I’m the New Millennial Investor!  You can call me NMI for short, or, if you must humanize me (you pitiful fool), Shawn will do.  I’m a new blogger recently inspired by the kind folks over at ‘Millennial Revolution’ and ‘JL Collinsnh.com’ to save, invest, and reach FIRE status by an early age – in my case, the early forties!  I’m here to chronicle my path to financial independence, all while trying to have a little fun along the way!

“Ugh.  Another online blog related to personal finance?  Really?” you ask.

“Yes, you turd.” I reply.

I know, I know, the internet really doesn’t need another blog related to personal finance – they’re a dime a dozen.  There’s also about a million metric internet tonnes (MIT) – coined here on NMI! – of resources out there for the new investor.

So you may be saying, “Why then should I read your blog? What are you doing that hasn’t already been done a MILLION times before?  And by more capable people?  You make me sick!”

To that I’d say, “Ow, my heart!”





I’d also say that I believe I can provide a slightly different perspective on getting to financial independence early because:

1.) I’m a single man

2.) I make a less-than-average income for an adult male  ($38,400.00 pre-tax)

3.) and I started investing at a later age (31)


Most of the websites I’ve read in which people reach FIRE status early are about couples striving to reach financial independence together, which is greatly helped by both incomes, or are about single people who make an above-average income (+ $60,000).  Many of these people are unnaturally smart and responsible, and started investing in their early twenties (bastards!).

Most of us, unfortunately, aren’t like them; we don’t have that high paying job, we didn’t take our financial lives seriously and we procrastinated. Now we’re almost middle age with maybe not a lot to show for it.

It can bring you down. And it’s easy to get depressed.  But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Using the passive index investing technique, along with a little hustle and sacrifice, you’ll see that even an average income can be a tool to achieve financial independence!  Here I’ll be detailing my own method and progress towards reaching financial independence.  Check out my plan here, including my budget and my portfolio, then follow along with me!  I’ll also be posting regular weekly content on my blog every week, from my thoughts on working at a small business to saving money and investing, even about that pesky little thing we call life.

‘Cause why else are we trying to reach FIRE if not for the desire to freely live our own lives, on our own terms?

Come and follow along with me on this journey to reaching FIRE!  It won’t be quick and it won’t be easy, but it certainly beats sitting in an office for the next thirty years like this guy!



Yeah, you wanna be like this guy? Me neither.


Please take a look around, and try to have a little fun!  Email or comment if you’ve got something to say!